The+Dalles+ChronicleWhy it makes sense to support Arlene Burns for Representative of House District 59 in Oregon’s State Legislature:
Arlene’s extensive international background and leadership capacities combined with a vision for a better future transcend demographics and geographies. She is truly a world class visionary who currently serves as the mayor of Mosier.
Arlene has worked tirelessly for the past five years in service to the community in which she lives. Her professional capabilities have facilitated significant developments towards a new community hall and fire station building. Assembling strong partnerships between large public companies and private businesses along with cohering local, state and federal officials has culminated in funding that directly enhances our small community and the greater Columbia Gorge region.
Recognizing the importance of tradition, Arlene has been a long time supporter of local Regenerative Agriculture. Supporting the neighboring cherry farmers to the friends that cultivate wheat further east, her diet and shopping habits reflect her vision of producing more food locally for the community in ways that respect the soil, river and environment. She knows the importance of shortening distribution chains and advancing local purchasing power to support the diverse farming community throughout Wasco County.
Actively engaging in the three pillars of the economic engine that drives the community — recreation, tourism and agriculture — her lifestyle and community outreach efforts have been integral to the health and future well being of many of the regional small businesses. As a local resident for the past 20 years, she is aware of and ready to listen to the diverse interests of the community at large.
Arlene is a person who lives her values for achieving the greatest good possible for the greatest number of people. In this time of increased polarization, she has what it takes to integrate ideas, transcend partisanship and bring folks together in support of a better future for everyone. As a small business owner, agriculturalist and community member of Mosier, I readily support Arlene for the legislature seat of house district 59 and encourage you to vote for her in the upcoming elections.
Steven Thompson, owner of Saddle View Orchards & Analemma Winery