We are facing perhaps the wildest and most challenging times in the history of our nation. To get us back to prosperity and health will require a different level of thinking than what got us here.

Wildfires cloud our skies. COVID-19 has disrupted our communities, creating economic hardship and uncertainty.  Gone are the times of putting our heads in the sand, hoping all of this will go away. We need a scientific, common-sense approach to our decision-making.

We need leadership to pull us towards new solutions. We need  “all hands on deck” to rebuild our economy and to address the challenges facing Oregon’s rural districts: decreasing water supplies, soil depletion, climate fluctuations and wildfire danger.

We must find a way to integrate energy independence and renewable resources. We must provide  technological training to boost our economy and build infrastructure for broadband, EV charging, and renewable energy, which will enable our constituents to generate power — and profit — from our own precious land.

We must find ways to honor our citizens with dignity through investment, from the Warm Springs Tribal members  to our school children who need access to comprehensive education, and to all of us who need well-paying jobs and affordable healthcare.