To give voters a choice.

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For the last two legislative sessions, our representatives walked out.  Progress came to a halt in many crucial arenas. Precious time, energy and effort was wasted. In a post Covid 19 era, we need to devote our energy and expertise into addressing the economic devastation while creating policies to serve as blueprints for a path forward. Many industries will collapse. Others will emerge. This is a moment for paradigm shift. It is time to build infrastructure for energy and communication which will enable regional resilience.  Solutions that work for rural Oregon and enable our small communities to thrive.   Its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

To offer an alternative approach.

Collaborative. Ground breaking. Inclusive.

To embrace the reality of climate change and bring solutions to the table that enable rural communities to be resilient.  Regenerative agriculture, localized energy/bio diesel for farm machinery, participation in the electrification of the Transportation sector.

Because I was asked.